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Graphics for shoes that kids can wear and collect.

The perfect fundraiser for schools, sports teams, charities, or any other type of organization.

...Cool for your shoes

Tired of the same boring items used to fundraise?

Jabbers are adhesive graphics for footwear that allow kids to express, cultivate, and customize their individual style.

Group profit 50%!

*Based on 100 unit minimum order

2 Pack:
Buy for $2.50
Sell for $5.00

Basketball / Baseball
Rainbow / Unicorn
Strawberry / Lollipop

4 Pack:
Buy for $3.50
Sell for $7.00

Transportation Pack
Smiley Pack
Animal Pack

1 Visit website:

2 Simply add desired Jabbers to cart. The total amount of items must add up to 100 - you can pick any combination you’d like!

3 Payment Options:

Paying by Credit Card: Add Code “JFKFundraiser2019” upon checkout. This will automatically deduct 50% from your order and prompt you to fill out billing/shipping information. Once complete, we will send you a follow-up email with your tracking information.

Paying by Check/Purchase Order: Send an email to with your order details. Please include product name (exactly how it is written on the website) and the number of desired units. If it easier for you, you can send us a screenshot of your desired cart. Once sent, a customer service representative will get in touch with you within 2 business days confirming the details of your order and instructions to make payment.

Rather a Jabber design more custom to your brand? No problem at all! We specialize in creating custom Jabbers to meet your needs! Send an email to and let one of our customer service reps walk you through the steps.

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