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  • FAQ

    Q: How durable is the adhesive?

    A: The adhesive is extremely durable. It is specifically designed to adhere to one’s shoes throughout the rigors of athletic competition. It can last throughout the life of the shoe, but can be removed at any given time without damage to the shoe.

    Q: Will the adhesive damage my shoe or leave any residue?

    A: The adhesive is safe to apply to footwear. With certain shoe surfaces, the adhesive will leave over some residue. Thus, we include a complimentary adhesive remover wipe in each package to wipe away any residue or dirt, leaving your shoe cleaner than before use. We caution against applying the adhesive on suede and nubuck.

    Q: Can I re-use the adhesive graphic once I remove it from a shoe?

    A: Typically, the strength of the adhesive and quality of the ink may be compromised once removed from a shoe. Although in most cases you will find that the adhesive graphic can be reapplied numerous times from shoe to shoe, we do not recommend reapplication or repositioning. Shoe Jabber is meant for one-time use.