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    Jabber is an inspirational athletic brand that creates a new language for footwear with original artwork designed to cultivate individuality. We are dedicated to the spirit of empowerment and expression with a design philosophy drawn from the greatest warriors, past to present, abstract to concrete. The world is filled with influence.

    For years, athletes have been writing messages on their shoes with sharpies before games. Quotes, names, ideas – you name it. They do it to inspire themselves. Jabber was created to achieve that same feel and preserve that same touch, while suitably capturing the gravity of those same messages. Our signature product, Jabber® Adhesive Graphics, features reflective technology and fills the void in the marketplace for accessorizing footwear with removable artwork. We are the first of our breed. Crafted in Miami, FL, we use the finest materials and a patent pending process to deliver uncompromising quality in every single product we make. 

    JAB • BER

    “to talk rapidly and excitedly but with little sense” | “to utter mindless chatter”
    Isn’t that the essence of true expression?
    Jabber is energy, impulsiveness, in-your-face rawness.


    In addition to our own collection, Jabber makes custom product for teams. Please see our team catalog for more information.